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We help America’s most promising leaders reach their full potential as public servants.


We encourage high ethical standards and promote personal and professional integrity.


We provide an opportunity for fellows to build relationships and find common ground. 

A center for leadership and intellectual development

The Rodel Institute is a nonpartisan center for leadership and intellectual growth. Rodel helps America’s most promising leaders reach their full potential as public servants, deepen their commitment to democracy and the rule of law, and work together to address some of our nation’s most important domestic and international challenges.

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2024 Edwards Book Award Shortlist Announced

The Rodel Institute is delighted to announce the shortlist finalists for its 2024 Edwards Book Award. The Edwards Book Award is an annual prize recognizing books that make an outstanding contribution to the understanding and practice of democracy and American politics. The prize carries an honorarium of $10,000. The Rodel Institute received a large volume of excellent […]

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Inaugural Federal Executive Cohort Gathers for Second Seminar

The inaugural cohort of the Rodel Federal Executive Fellowship met for the second time in April in Charlottesville, Virginia. Twenty-three senior civil servants in the federal government gathered to discuss technological innovation in the public sector, the changing geopolitical landscape, and the evolving relationship between civil servants and political leaders. Fellows engaged in deep and meaningful discussions throughout the weekend. Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and […]

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Rodel Judicial Class of 2023 Meets for Second Seminar

The 2023 Rodel Judicial Fellowship held its second seminar this month in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Hotel Condado Vanderbilt. Seventeen federal judges and supreme court justices from across the country gathered to discuss the role of judges in American democracy, constitutional interpretation, and leadership on and off of the bench. This weekend, like […]

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The Rodel Fellowship is the nation’s premier leadership development program for elected officials. The program is designed to break down partisan barriers and promote bipartisan understanding.
Rodel Fellowship
The Rodel Judicial Fellowship is a unique forum for leading federal judges and state supreme court justices to discuss democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law.
Rodel Judicial Fellowship
The Rodel Federal Executive Fellowship is a ground-breaking leadership and intellectual development program for senior leaders in the United States government.
Rodel Federal Executive Fellowship
Rodel America is an innovative leadership workshop that gathers leaders from select states and regions across the United States. The program breaks down partisan barriers and increases mutual understanding.
Rodel America